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Ana de Matos






Text and five photographs by Ana de Matos signed and numbered
Edition in Spanish translated to English.
Text on offset print on Conqueror Concept Irisdiscente Blanco D’Or 00 Paper at Ormograf.
Digital color photographs printed in photographic Paper Kodak Ultra Endura 180gr. trought chemical developing by Laboratórios Sabaté.
Edition of 29, each signed and numbered:
25 copies reserved for the artist numbered PA I and PA I I ,
2 copies reserved for the editor numbered HC I and HC II.
17” x 12,8”
Set presented in an acrylic glass case.
A suite of the five photos has also been edited, signed and numbered:
edition of 15 in 7.5” x 5,7 cm in an acrylic glass case
and an edition of 3 in 26,7 x 20,5 cm, framed.


Printing finished in Barcelona on 1st of November of 2006.
Raíña Lupa Edition.


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